• +23% Conversion

    E-commerce Product Page CRO And A/B Test

Let us tell you a short story of one small CRO project which pretty much describes our approach to e-commerce conversion optimization process.

Our client sells a fancy hair growth elixir and he wanted to improve the conversion of “Add to cart” clicks on the product page. Well, challenge accepted.

Our Process

The original page had some obvious conversion issues. But we prefer not to do any conclusions before conducting at least some minimal research. We setup some custom Google Analytics reports and analysed this data. Then we did some brief competitor research and figured out the personas.

And only after that we created the alternative design and implemented it in the client’s CMS (Shopify). Just compare these two variants to see what we changed:

The Original Page

Our Variant

The A/B Test

We started a simple A/B test using Google Optimize. 50% of users saw the original page and 50% saw our variant. After 6 days of the experiment we got 4000 visits and users clicked “Add to cart” on our variant of page 23% more often than on the original page. Here’s a screenshot from Google Optimize:

+ 26% Conversion Rate

4000 Experiment Sessions

Need Better Conversion?

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