• +26% Conversion rate

    The Story About a Popular Real Estate Portal Redesign

Kvartirazamkad.ru — is one of the most visiting web sites for those who wants to buy an apartments in Moscow region. The main revenue source of this company is the partners’ ads. When we were invited for this job in 2015, the ads’ conversion was 5.61%. After developing our new UX it increased 26% for all visitors and 125% up for the top-4 search phrases’ traffic. At the same time the bounce rate was reduced by 60%!


Let us tell you the story about this project.

Before the Redesign

They didn’t update this design for over 10 years. But it doesn’t mean it’s inefficient: the Internet history knows a lot of examples of super popular web sites like Reddit or Craigslist with a really outdates design which doesn’t bother both business and target audience to reach their goals.

The design of our client’s web site at first glance seemed like outdated and uninteresting too:

The UX Strategy

Despite a lot of obvious UX issues, it could be too risky and too impractical to do fancy modern design from scratch.

The web site already had quite a lot of traffic and not enough thoughtful UI design could easily ruin the client’s business.

On the first meeting we developed easy and reliable plan:

  1. Create user portraits and scenarios
  2. Do the usability research
  3. Find the bottlenecks and generate the solutions
  4. Create and implement an interactive prototype
  5. Test the updated interface on the real traffic

Personas & Scenarios

We learned the behavioural and demographic factors using Google Analytics’ data for the last year. We also learned our users’ phycology aspects by reading their references and their social media activity. It helped us to differentiate and describe our user portraits and assemble their typical use scenarios.

Finally we got 5 portraits. Each one had a high-level scenario which was split into steps. For example Ann wants to get the apartments in the Moscow suburb and for that she passes steps like “Select all offers below $50k”  and so on.

Stepping into their shoes we estimated the scenarios’ success as 0 (fail), 0.5 (partially done) and 1 (done):

Preliminary Conclusions

None of the users reached the goals. Even the well motivated ones couldn’t reach the end of their scenarios because of the missing tools or content.


What’s good

  1. Minimally required content exists
  2. There’re some sets of interesting property
  3. There’s a lot of additional content like eco maps


What’s bad

  1. A lack of content in some parts
  2. Copy’s written more for SEO but not for a human
  3. A lot of boring ads
  4. Front-end bugs

Local issues

So we tested the interaction scenarios and got the estimates. Now let’s see what happens in the UI itself. Which particular issues bother our users so much. Here’re some example pages of our report:

You can download the complete report here (sorry, it’s in Russian).

Moving to Design

We started prototyping from the Main page. We considered goals as well mental models of our users, usability research results and business requirements. Your can find more about our UX Design process here or if you know Russian you can watch Klim’s online course about UX.

Main Page — Before

Main Page — The Prototype

Catalog — Before

Catalog — Prototype

The most important page for both business and user is the property page. Here our user finds all the information he needs and decides if he wants to go to the developer’s web site (the ad link) to learn more.

But from the design side it’s quite a tricky task. On the one hand we have to show user all the useful information we have to enhance the engagement. On the other hand we eventually want him to go to the developer’s web site (because that’s where my client makes money). We tried to find a balance and after several iterations we came to this prototype:

Property Page — Before

Property Page — Prototype

Try To Use It Yourself!

Try to experience our interactive prototype by yourself (sorry, it’s in Russian and it doesn’t support mobile devices):

Open interactive prototype

Redesign Outcome

After a first month of testing the new version of our client’s web site the ads conversion gained 26% up for all visitors and 125% up for the Top-4 search phrases’ traffic. At the same time the bounce rate was reduced by 60%!

Show the new web site

+ 26% Conversion Rate

– 60% bounce rate

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