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    Rethinking Deposits UX In Unicredit Bank App

Are you sure that all your money work for you? According to our observations a lot of people keep large amounts of money on their credit cards. They don’t transfer this money to deposits because this process feels too complicated and unsafe for them.

But what if the app could analyze user’s transactions and suggest personalized, safe and convenient deposits with transparent terms? What if the process of creating a new deposit turns to an easy coffee break task? What if the app recommends user how to increase the passive income?

Let us tell you the story where we rethought the whole concept of deposits in the Unicredit iOS App, and where we prototyped, tested and designed the new approach.

Deposits Before Redesign

The current mobile app doesn’t encourage user to create a new deposit. The process of creating deposit itself doesn’t seem to be really intuitive. Also the current deposits don’t offer any ways to increase the client’s (and bank’s) profit:

The Redesign Strategy

We were pretty limited in time so we decided to leave only the minimally required steps:

  1. Competitive analysis and personas
  2. Paper prototype
  3. Interactive prototype
  4. Prototype user testing
  5. Prototype update
  6. Pixel-perfect design and animations

Key Hypothesis

After the competitive review and understanding personas we created a paper sketch of the new deposits’ concept. The key hypothesis we should validate are:

  1. Key persona is a holder of a salary credit card who doesn’t understand how to transfer money to a deposit or afraid to do it
  2. The app analyses user’s incomes and expenses to suggest the most relevant personalized deposit terms
  3. The deposit creating process should be step-by-step to provide more advised and conscious choice
  4. Gamification elements will provide better UX and engagement for already opened deposit


We used these hypothesis to generate an interactive prototype. Later we’ll conduct user testing to validate it.

User Testing

Any hypothesis needs to be verified, especially when it comes to user interfaces. The most easy and reliable way to do it is just to ask the user to try it and then observe. We use Lookback.io service which allows to conduct mobile user tests with screen, user face and user audio recording. Check our user test recording:

User test revealed a number of UX issues:

  1. In many places we emphasised the absolute amount of profit too much. It confused user because he used to the percent of interest form
  2. The edit button on the last step of the master made user to restart the whole process
  3. User didn’t understand how to see the amount of earned money on the existing deposit screen

All these fixes were implemented pretty fast. In the most cases it was enough just to rename the caption or move a button.

Try It By Yourself!

You’re welcome to play with our interactive prototype (sorry, but it’s in Russian):

Open Prototype

If you read this on your  smartphone use this link then save the page to the home screen and open it from the home screen for better experience.

Pixel-Perfect Visual Design

We created calm and unobtrusive visual style so user could fully concentrate on his financial problem without being distracted by the UI itself. We also used the official Unicredit colours:

Creating Deposit Demo

We also created UI animations so the interface feedback feels more smooth and intuitive. Just check out this video where user is creating a new deposit:

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