• The soul and emotions of your product

    UI Design

Before going into details

What Do You Get

The result of our UI design service is a set of clean pixel-perfect pictures of your product UI shown in all required for the responsive design resolutions with all interactive states needed for programming. In other words you get a “face” of your product. And it’s not just a set of fancy colors. We do design that provides the right emotional experience, design that has a soul.

Right time to order UX Audit

When Is It Really Useful?

Next step after UX design

You have an approved interactive prototype of your web site or mobile app and you're ready to finalize your product

Unique emotional design

You already have a lot of competitors and the awesome emotional experience could be an important competitive advantage

Awesome responsive

You already have a full desktop version of the UI design and you want to provide good user experience for mobile users and increase your SEO as well

The process of UI design

The Timeline

The UI design process usually takes around 25-55 business days depending on the amount and saturation of interfaces. In most cases we need an interactive prototype to start the UI design. You can order it in our studio or anywhere else. If you already have any examples of the desired style it’ll help to accelerate the process.

  • Step 1

    1-3 days

    Mood board

    We pick some shots from the internet to find the right mood for the future UI design.

  • Step 2

    3-7 days

    UI concept

    We take the most important and informative interface section and try several totally different style concepts until we find the right one.

  • Step 3

    15-25 days

    UI design for the main device

    Here we create UI design for all the interface sections with all additional interactive states for the main resolution.

  • Step 4 (optional)

    5-20 days

    UI design for additional resolutions

    After approving the main UI design we usually show some basic unique pages in other pages required for responsive design

  • Step 5

    < 1 day

    Preparing source files

    After approving the whole UI design we upload source files to Zeplin software, which automatically generates all the specs developers need. And we make sure everything was uploaded correctly.

Need UI Design?

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