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    UX Audit

Before going into details

What Do You Get

The result of our UX Audit service is the detailed report with the prioritized list of user interaction problems with recommended solutions. It will help you to figure out which issues affect the business profit more and should be fixed urgently and which of them are not that important. In other words, you’re buying the information that makes you understand, how to gain the profit without wasting the budget on unimportant things.

Right time to order UX Audit

When Is It Really Useful?

Gaining profit

You want to increase the conversion to user actions as much as it possible and don't waste the budget on the rest

Polishing interaction

You want to figure out what exactly should be changed to make the user interaction experience perfect

Preparing to redesign

You want to feel certain the updated product will be better and will fit the success metrics after the redesign

The process of UX Audit

The Timeline

The UX Audit process usually takes from 6 up to 25 business days depending on the amount of interfaces, user portraits and on user testing. If you already have any description of user portraits and scenarios, it will help to accelerate the process. It’ll also help if you provide us the guest access to Google Analytics or any other stats.

  • Step 1

    1-3 days

    User research

    We gather all the information about users, we look through web statistics and assemble user portraits.

  • Step 2

    1-2 days

    User scenarios definition

    Basing on user portraits and web statistics, we define all the interaction scenarios which user should pass to reach his final goal.

  • Step 3 (optional)

    5-10 days

    User testing

    If needed, we can also provide user testing. We find 5-7 respondents, organize meetings with them, ask them to try to do some tasks and then just record what happens. Then we gather all the information and add the average estimates of user scenarios passing.

  • Step 4

    2-5 days

    Scenarios testing

    Our UX analyst simulates each user portrait trying to pass the scenarios. Then we add the average estimates of user scenarios success.

  • Step 5

    2-5 days

    Creating recommendations

    Here we aggregate user scenarios by interface units and create recommendations of how to fix the user issues for each unit. Our client will see which interfaces should be fixed urgently and how exactly they should be fixed and which fixes it's worth to skip to save the budget.

Need UX Audit?

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