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Before going into details

What Do You Get

The result of our UX Design service is an HTML interactive prototype. It looks like the end product, but without UI design (colors, fonts, shapes) and it contains just the demo data instead of the real one. You can use this prototype as a functional requirements for UI designer and developers, to perform user testing or as a presentation for investors. We believe that an interactive prototype is a required step in any interface design process.

The right time to order UX Design

When Is It Really Useful?

Design from scratch

You want to create a new web product or a mobile app and the good user experience is a part of the product value, it's competitive advantage

Нypothesis testing

You're creating an innovative product and you want to conduct a user testing on the cheap before spending on UI and development

Startup funding

You have an awesome startup idea, but you're low on budget and you want to find investors who will cover all the product design and development costs

The process of UX design

The Timeline

The UX design process usually takes around 15-30 business days depending on the amount of pages or sections of the UI and on the product complexity. If you already have any description of user portraits and scenarios or any kind of product descriptions and requirements, it will help to accelerate the process, but it’s not required.

  • Step 1

    2-4 days

    Initial research and user portraits

    We gather all the information about users, analyze business requirements, test competitor products and assemble user portraits.

  • Step 2

    1-3 days

    Information structure

    Basing on user portraits we create a detailed mind map shows the hierarchy of information should be presented in the product: which sections should contain the UI, which blocks and features should be in each section

  • Step 3

    2-3 days

    Paper prototype

    Paper prototype is the fastest way to show and discuss the vision of the future interface. We take the information structure and turn it into a wireframe sketch which is so easy to understand and so fast to update

  • Step 4

    10-20 days

    HTML interactive prototype

    Here we assemble a fully interactive detailed prototype using Axure software. It supports HTML animations, web responsive and mobile gestures. Therefore this prototype feels almost like an end product and can be used even for the regular user testing

Need UX Design?

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